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A Management from the President

Kao Shing was established to address the growing needs of the zipper industry. At the start, we invested in various zipper equipment and later ventured into the international market. Aside from our strict quality control system, we also offer our customers a complete range of services to gain a strong market presence.

In our many years of business, we have come to consider quality and service as our top priority. We assign managers to control each stage of our production process with a keen look-out for quality and efficiency. Through strong sales team, we supply our customers with a complete range of services. For any other service, the customer need only make a request and we will get right on it in the shortest time possible.

With regard to expansion, we will extend our production capacity and lines according to the market's development. During the past few years, we have invested over US$6,000,000 in production equipment. Continuing with our commitment to increase our clients' profits, we will develop the sales and services of potential markets. We make it our mission to acquire all possible means to provide our clients with the best regardless of the effort required.