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Zippers Application

  • Toxic-free, low lead, nickel free zipper to protect children's safety.
  • Plastic U Type Top Stops and Welded Bottom Stops available on coil zippers to protect children's skin.
Nylon Zipper / ♦Delrin Zipper / ♦Metal Zipper
Fashion Zippers
  • Stylish zippers and sliders to highlight the brand and design of the garments.
  • High polish metallic finishing for sliders and metal teeth.
  • Custom zippers and sliders are available.
Fashion Zipper For Designer
  • Zippers and sliders with durable, dependable and strong designs to ensure the life of shoes and boots. Special materials and designs to strengthen the zippers and sliders.
  • Our zippers can resist cold weather and are widely used in cold continents and countries, such as Europe and Russia.
Zipper For Shoes
Bags, Luggage
  • Snap on sliders with replaceable pull tab function.
  • According to personal needs, pullers can be replaced anytime.
  • Zippers and sliders formed by high quality material to ensure abrasion resistance.
Nylon Zipper / ♦Delrin Zipper / ♦Metal Zipper / ♦Water Repellent Zipper
Automobiles, Military, Workwear
  • Strong and fire and water retardant available. Special requirements can be met.
Nylon Zipper / ♦Delrin Zipper / ♦Metal Zipper / ♦Water Repellent Zipper
  • Fits for different furniture, closets, etc.
  • Strong teeth, different lengths are available.
Nylon Zipper / ♦Delrin Zipper
Custom Sliders
  • Sliders designed to match the garment fashion to enhance the value of the garment.
Nylon Zipper / ♦Delrin Zipper
  • Different zippers for various jeans and denim thickness.
  • Resistance of enzymes, acid wash, stone washed denim garments.
  • The appearance of teeth's finish may change after certain washes, testing before use is suggested.
Metal Zipper
  • Our zipper can enforce to zip in circles or arch under incredible stress from the tent. When a zipper blows, it is hard to repair, an ounce of prevention can save you time and despair in outdoors.
Nylon Zipper / ♦Delrin Zipper
Bedding And Bedding Pack
  • Nylon zipper is suitable for bedding set and bedding pack.
  • Zipper with yarn tape and pvc tape can be chosen.
Nylon Zipper