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  • Zipper Machine
  • Our group company has offered the spare parts to machine producing, our professional technicians ensure our machine working stably and long lasting.


    The bellow mentioned is only for your reference, we have more manufacturing machines models for your choice, please feel free to contact us.


    Super High Speed Needle Loom M/C
    Automatic Spiral Forming M/C
    Auto Gapping Stripping & Trimming M/C
    Auto-Reinforcing Tape Sealing M/C
    Auto Open-End Punching M/C
    Auto Pin Setter M/C
    Auto Box Setter M/C
    Iron Machine For Zipper
    Auto Plastic Zipper Injection Moulding M/C
    Auto Open-End Injection Molding M/C
    Automatic Metal Zipper Chain Making M/C
    Semi-auto Metal Top-Stop M/C
    Automatic Metal Zipper Chain Making M/C
    Metal Chain Ironing Waxing M/C
    Semi-auto Hit & Backside Box Setter M/C
    Semi-auto Hit & Backside Pin Setter M/C
    Auto Zipper Slider Painting Machine
  • The exact size is based on real object.
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