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Safety Regulation

Our duty is to ensure the safety to our valued customer, please tell us in advance if you have specific requirement as the followings.

AZO free for dyestuff:

The dyestuff which we use is AZO free to guard the customer’s skin health. AZO has been found to be a kind of potential carcinogens.

Low lead (Pb) content:

We can produce the slider with lead less than 90ppm. Please inform us your requirement when placing order and inquiry so we can have the quality control accordingly and prevent the products from being contaminated and out of standard ppm.

Needle detecting available:

To detect the broken needle or iron fragment to prevent the damage or hurt. Our zipper can pass the needle detector testing.

Anti nickel:

Low nickel content for baby wear & accessories and other textiles to prevent skin allergies.


When a dyed cloth coming in contact with the zipper, it may stain due to chemical changes. Please wash the cloth thoroughly before sewing zipper together.

Color Migration:

Color migration occurs and stains the articles because the zipper tape dye reacts to the synthetic leather , the plastic-coated cloth or other unknown chemicals in polyvinyl materials, under high temperature, high pressure, high humidity and high color contrast..etc.

Solutions to avoid color migration:

  • Insert paper between articles and zippers
  • Color fastness treatment for the zipper
  • Black-material zipper:

If you need to put a black zipper on the white pvc sheet, please consider using a black material zipper which is produced with black materials (e.g.,black yarn, monofilament, sewing thread) to avoid the color migration between the zipper and the connected items.

Endurance of washing process for jeans:

Recommend to use the YG type (No. 3 ,no.4, No. 5) to pass washing processes especially for jeans washed by small stones.
Stonewashed jeans are jeans that have the look of a faded, worn appearance. This is usually done by washing the jeans with pumice in a rotating drum.

One-sided usage:

Because of the formation process, nylon zipper teeth are directional and will twist if a complete zipper is separated to one-sided usage. An example one-sided usage and its consequences are as illustrated.

White-material zipper:

The white-material zipper is manufactured without being dyed so its cost is lower.It is often used in products which do not demand dyeing the zipper ,such as a pvc zipper bag for bedding packaging.

Sharp lateral turn:

The nylon zipper is recommended for use in turning corners. If a reverse zipper and plastic zipper must be used, the safety factor must be considered. Avoid applying zippers on sharp corner turns.

Combining and mixing of nylon zipper teeth:

Both sides of nylon zipper teeth are manufactured with the same machine and condition. It is not recommended to take apart both sides of the zipper teeth and combine them with another single side of teeth. This will avoid crimping and damage to the zipper.


When the zipper is sewn too close to the surrounding material, it will make the slider difficult to move on the zipper and could damage the zipper. A zipper with wider tape could ease the problem.

Please inform us when ordering then we need to use the specifics machines and rigid materials to produce the quality zipper.